Stage 4 gall bladder

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Hi I'm new

Just diagnosed with stage 4 gall bladder cancer/bile duct they are not sure of the primary source. Just a lymph node nearby says I have cancer.

Is anyone else on chemo and immunotherapy?

I am struggling thinking about how to deal with side affects from both. I look and feel well apart from a bit of ache in my abdomen.

No start date for treatment.  Because its rare worried they are using sledge hammer to crack nut.

Anyone hot advice how they dealt are dealing with it?

  • Not started yet. Starting 22nd.

  • How you getting on xx

  • Hi Thanks for asking after me.  

    On the whole  feel I am doing well. Yes there are good days and bad, but I feel I have the right mindset and I just take one day at a time.

    My problem is trying to stop losing weight, they have at least now established that I need to take digestive enzymes to try and make sure that I can absorb the good stuff I am eating.   

    Just finished cycle 3 so thankfully on a week off.  Another 5 to go.  The day I have immunotherapy and chemo is a big one , 10hrs in the hospital,  but I have that as my "job".  Last week I was fairly washed out for about 5 days. The constipation for 3 days following,  certainly doesn't help.

    How are you?  What cycle?