Low grade Gemcitabine Chemo

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Hi all

My dad is having his first chemo on Wednesday (above) and wondered if anyone had experience of this type of chemo and what the likely side effects are going to be?

  • Hi  

    My wife has Gemcatabine as her second line chemo against her Leiomyosarcoma and in her case it managed to render her cancer stable.

    She actually had very little in the way of side effects though of course the issue is everybody is different. She certainly was keen to ensure she got good support in the anti sickness medications so perhaps that was really helpful.

    Like any chemotherapy worth keeping a close eye on temperature as some of the most important issues are around getting infections and worth making sure he has the contract details for the hospital just in case he needs some support.

    One of the plus points we found compared to some is the treatment could be given fairly quickly compared to some others we saw.



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  • Thanks a lot for that Steve.