Nausea and vomiting

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My lovely mam was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in September. They tried several times to insert a stent but were unsuccessful due to blockage. They inserted a drain which helped initially but then the bag stayed empty so consultant removed it. Initially all was fine but then mam began feeling nauseous and has suffered bouts of violent sickness. Even taking anti nausea tablets and steroids she is still vomiting. She has been so positive, even coming out shopping once a week. This has really knocked her. The Dr says she must keep taking the tablets, we’re really hoping they’ll do the trick again. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I'm sorry to read how poorly your mam is feeling at the moment.

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  • Hi. My mum is the exact same she's been on so many anti sickness but she's still being sick and feeling sick.  She's getting chemo and the doctors seemed to think it was the chemo but she sick before she started it. How's your mum doing? Is she getting treatment? What symptoms brought about the stent?  My mum was diagnosed December with terminal as its spread. 

  • Hi my mam was very jaundiced which was an indication that bile was building up and unable to drain away hence the need for a stent which would have been brilliant but unfortunately they were unable to get one in. She is quite poorly at the moment due to sickness and constipation. We have requested an injection of anti sickness meds as tablets don’t seem to work. Fingers crossed she will get this and give her some relief. I hope your mum gets her sickness sorted too.

  • Thanks. How is she coping ? Is she on any treatment? What do they think is causing the sickness?