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Hi a family member has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer. They cannot have surgery or chemo due to health conditions they had a stroke in 2018 and are paralysed down one side. The hospital have said they don't want to interfere with the bile ducts as it can aggravate the cancer and cause more issues. We aren't sure what stages it is yet but they are monitoring from symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this. The family member was awaiting surgery for another health condition but they are saying it isn't doable anymore due to the bile duct cancer. Wondered what others life expectancy is if it's not treated.

  • Hi I am sorry a member of your family has been diagnosed with this cancer. I was diagnosed in late December. I had bowel cancer in 2019, so don’t know if that made any difference to my prognosis. I was told 6 months, but when I questioned this last week, I was told they don’t have enough data to give a more accurate timeline, therefore it is not a prediction, and isn’t very reliable. I think the question needs to be put to their oncologist. I would suggest asking them for a more personal timeframe based on your relative’s medical history. I hope this helps in some way.

  • Thank you and sorry for your diagnosis its truly a horrible disease my Nana passed from the pancreas cancer in 2020 after being told 3 weeks before she passed away. 

    1. Hello, I'm new to the forum as its taken me some time to get my head out of the sand and accept what I have been told.  I am not having any treatment for cancer as the consultant has not been able to determine which type I have,  there are 2 types of bile duct cancer. I became ill last July and have been treated for losts of othe health issues like renal failure and pancreatic issues, but despite 3 endoscopy investigations they have not been able to get a biopsy of the cancer. My general health has deteriorated dramatically and I am not able to receive an operation until I improve a lot. I am not even looking at life expectancy but work towards increasing my appetite and mobility.  Has anyone experienced severe weight loss and how are they coping?  Hope today is good for you.
  • Hi Spicey

    Weight loss and frailty seem to be the worst problem my dad has at the moment.  He isn't in any actual pain (or, so he tells us).  He is eating despite not fancying it.  The doctor has given him lots of those shakes but they are not building him up.  The problem is, he hasn't got any energy so feels terrible!!

  • Jolts, I am sorry to hear your dad is struggling to find energy and can empathise wholeheartedly with the frustration he must be feeling.  Since writing last time I have struggled with breathing and unexpectedly had to have a lung drained.  This has proved to be a turning point for me and now I can breathe again as normal I have worked at increasing my intake of food (I look for different recipes online) and sit in the kitchen talking my husband through them. I also take note of the amount of calories that I have a day and always have a treat,  something like a cream scone or chocolate bar. I could not get on with the protein drinks and shakes given to me in hospital but I do like the  Slimfast chocolate shake, which my husband makes me with some ice cream instead of ice. I haven't weighed myself since I started this but will on Saturday.  I am also try to add an extra 100 steps daily to increase my strength and mobility. Keeping occupied with something that requires concentration has helped, not TV. I have taken up knitting again and play games on the computer.  Little steps but they all ad up and I now feel positive and brighter.  I hope your dad regains his energy and zest for life, the trick is to discover what will help and not to let frustration rule. Hope this helps. 

  • That is so helpful Spicey, thanks so much xx