Bile Duct Cancer or Gallstones - Strange symptoms and significant weight loss

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So the mystry of what is happening to me started in May when I had my over 40 NHS health check. 

At this point I was feeling fine. However my bloods showed raished liver enzymes which indicate a blockage. Bloods repeated same issue. 

I was ref for an ultra sounds, by this point I was feeling very bloated and nauseous. 

Ultra sound showed my gallblader was enlarged and full of sluge and bile duct was significantly enlarged with no obvious cause. 

So onto the MRI this showed the same issues as the ultra sound - bile duct is 100% wider than it should be for a person of my age according to the consultant, but again no obvious reason seen for the bloackage 

In this time I have felt bloated, sick and ached (usually in the centre on my addomum and righ side, but can be anywhere in the stomach area) on and off most days but only at a very low level along with a muzzy type head on occasion. 

I have also lost about half a stone in 2 months I was only 10st and now just under 9.5st and I'm 5ft 7. I have tweaked my diet slightly to cut out a lot of fat, but I am shocked by the weight loss. 

I also had blood in the toliet bowl (not in poo) on occasions which I belive is due to my hemmeroids flairing up. 

I talked all these sysmptoms through with my consultant on the phone and he did not seem to concerned and said they may not be linked.  But I am really concerned as all my sysmptoms related to bile duct cancer. 

He thinks on the balance of probabilities it is gallstones however my symptoms dont match that as I dont have really bad pain. 

I have been ref for an endosopic ultra sound he says the wait will be 6 weeks , really worried by these time scales my last MRI and ultra sounds were done in about a week of each other after my second blood test. 

Has anyone had a similar experence in particular with the weight loss? I am really worrried I have never lost so much weight and the bloating and constant discomfort is getting me down and depressed, I just have no motivation and have to force myself to do anuthing. 

  • Hello Robin83

    I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time with different symptoms. It is good that you have discussed them with your consultant and although I can understand how worrying it is for your, perhaps it is reassuring that the consultant feels it may be gallstones. It is good that a referral has been made for an ultrasound. 

    Have you checked that you are on an urgent list or is the 6 weeks wait a routine list? Am just wondering whether in light of your concerns it would be worth checking and also maybe ask if they have a cancellation list that you could go on? It maybe that you get a short notice appointment but it would be worth it. I spoke with my GP on one occasion who was able to move things forward a bit so it may be another thing you could consider.

    Regarding the weight loss I can understand it can be a worry but if you have also changed your diet maybe this is also part of it. With the bloating and discomfort it must have also affected your appetite. Did they offer you any advice?

    I can understand that it is getting you down and you just need some answers. It must be hard to find the motivation when you are worrying about it all. 

    If you feel it would help to talk it all through with someone, then please do consider giving the Support Line a call and speaking to one of the nurses. They are lovely on there. The number is below if you think it will help.

    Hope that you get some answers and reassurance soon



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Thanks Jane, I am on a waiting list which will be around 6 weeks possibly more due to a backlog. This could be reassuring as the consultant does not think it needs to be urgent unlike the MRI I had previously, but good call on ringing to see if I can get a cancelation!