New to forum - Suspected bile duct cancer

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This has all happened very quickly for me. I went to my GP a few weeks ago with what I thought was gallstones.

I had an ultrasound scan yesterday which revealed inflammation of the bile duct ( no stones visible). I've been unwell for a few days with jaundice, abdominal pain and now headache, nausea and after going to A&E yesterday, fear the worst.

They sent me home and said I would get an appointment with a specialist early next week.

Feeling terrible today, vomiting and headache( dehydrated) feel like I need to be in hospital but reluctantly

Does anyone recognise these symptoms and can offer advice?

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    I don't have bile duct cancer, so can't share any personal experience of symptoms with you, but I've found this information on the Macmillan website for you. As you'll see it also says that "These symptoms can be caused by many things other than bile duct cancer."

    Do come back and let us know how you get on when you see the specialist.


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  • Hi  I can understand why you're so worried. I hope you've seen a specialist by now. As says, there could be lots of reasons for these symptoms, so you need to get proper advice, based on blood tests and a CT scan. Meanwhile, if you're not well, don't hold back from getting treatment especially if you have a fever. I hope it doesn't sound too crass to say I'm keeping fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi Latchbrook and thanks for your reply.

    The initial ultrasound scan showed no gallstones present, hence my worry on the alternative diagnosis. Having spent the weekend in hospital and after having an MRI, the consultant has confirmed a gallstone blocking the bile duct as the likely cause and I have an appointment to remove next week.

    I am back home now awaiting the procedure and hopefully all will be well.

    Thanks again


  • Thanks LovingHeart 

    See previous reply to Latchbrook following my consultants advice. As you say, fingers crossed things will be OK

  • such good news, very best wishes to you and hope you feel much better soon

  • I'm so pleased that it hasn't turned out that you have cancer


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