How different are PET scans?

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Hi all, 

My dad has had a MRCP scan and a CT scan, now we're awaiting PET scan results.

I am so anxious and terrified of the PET results as they have found a 3.8cm tumour in his liver blocking a bile duct, but if the PET scan comes back showing the same thing he can have surgery and potentially be cured.

However, if PET shows anything different they can only do chemo and make him comfortable.

Would just like to hear any hopeful stories, or how much both scans differ to one another?

  • Hi @kellyrosie I'm sorry I can't really help but I appreciate your question because we're in the same situation of waiting for PET scan results for my partner.  I'm on a steep learning curve too but as I understand it, the PET scan shows different things - the CT scan gives a picture but the PET scan may be more sensitive. I really hope things go in the right way for your dad and you. Speaking to the medical team will help you feel less anxious and terrified I'm sure - they're so good at helping us all navigate this - but it's not easy having to wait.