Can anyone please help?

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Hello. Just wondering if anybody here had a successful resection, was told they were NED. Then had recurrance in lymph nodes but with no obvious tumor,, just a lymph node?

If so did you receive treatment?

I have been very fortunate to be NED after having had a resection with clear margins and no lymph node involvement, but I had perineural and lymphovascular involvement. and adjuvant chemotherapy (capecitabine) . This was 2 years ago.

However I now have a suspicious lymph node that grew to 1cm then layed dormant. It has since grown, fairly rapidly and is now 1.6. I have had surgery recently for internal hernia and twisted bowel, the drs attempted to remove the lymph node to no avail as it's wrapped round an artery, so they couldn't even get a biopsy. Not sure how they will ever know if it's Malignant and even if it is, what that would mean. Any experiences you could share would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you and sorry for such a long, rambling post x