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New here. Out of treatment 2 years, radiation therapy. Gay man. Questions about sexual after effects. Great to join you!

  • Hi Jake,

    Sorry I’m not able to give any advice, as I’ve not started my treatment yet, but I thought I’d say ‘hello’, I hope someone on this forum is able to help you.

    Kind regards, Adele. Blush

  • Hi JakeY

    Welcome to this little corner of MacMillan Cancer Support.  It is always good to have another man on here, we have quite a few male members that may be able to help you and lots of woman who share different coping strategies after the affects of chemo/radiotherapy.

    Good to hear that treatment is two years behind you too!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Jake!

    Welcome, and hope you find some good answers here. I'd be happy to help but probably not of much use to you.



  • Hi  , 

    I would also like to offer you a warm welcome to the MacMillan online community. Hopefully you’ll get some responses from someone that can offer you some advice from a male perspective. 


  • Welcome Jakey welcome to the group. I also am just two years post treatment. As already said on here we do have some male members who would probably be able to tell you their experiences of any side effects from treatment they have had. Us ladies get them too but obviously in different ways. There is a group on here related to sexual health after treatment which you may want to seek out.