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Hi all,

Im Kayleigh, 36, diagnosed two weeks ago. No idea what I’m doing, just showing up to appointments and hoping for the best haha!

im in a lot of discomfort at the moment as i have a growth that causes all sorts of issues when i have a bowel movement but in crossing everything they will remove it during my EUA on Monday!

Hope everyone is doing ok today. Had my PET scan earlier today… waiting to see which superpower I get assigned!

  • Hi Kayleigh,

    Just showing up for appointments is the best start! I found the staff were so experienced I just did what I was told and asked questions along the way.

    Once you get treatment under way you'll start to feel you are making progress, so bring on that EUA.

    Let us know how it goes, all the best.

  • Hello Kayleighkernow

    A warm welcome to the forum where we all have experienced what you are going through right now, I am so sorry that you had the need to find us but you have come to the right place.  We have lots of coping tips during treatment and once that starts, your life will become a bit less chaotic.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment, all the information from the scans and the EUA will be gathered and discussed at an MDT (multi-disciplinary team) meeting to formulate a tailor-made plan for you - all this can take a few weeks.

    I hope that your EUA on Monday gives you some sort of relief from the discomfort.  We will be thinking of you tomorrow, please let us know how you get on.  We are always here to offer support too, should you need it.

    Irene xx

  • Welcome Kayleigh!

    I'm so sorry about this stupid cancer, and so young! But hopefully your youth will make it easier for you to sail through treatment and recovery and get on with your life.

    If your EUA is similar to mine, they'll numb you up good and you'll be okay for a day or two. Make sure you're ready for the discomfort that will follow, and everything that helps will also help with treatment—a Sitz bath, a good ointment or two for your sore nethers, easy food, and a clear calendar. Take the pain meds as prescribed and stay ahead of it.

    Keep us posted and let us know about your superpower! My exciting new one is setting firm boundaries and saying no courteously and firmly.



  • Hello KayleighKernow, welcome to our corner. I am three years post treatment and very much remember being in your position attending my local hospital where they were going to remove a polyp type lump. The first surgery under anaesthetic recovery I had hardly any pain but they had seen another area they was not happy about. It was a sessile polyp which embeds along the skin and they took another biopsy and recovery was much more uncomfortable for about seven to ten days. Obviously it was cancer but luckily had not spread to other parts. Once I had been diagnosed I was virtually arranging my funeral and so scared. This group was an absolute godsend for support and information how to counteract the possible side effects. Let us know how you get on and get the famous sitz bath!


  • Thanks everyone! I’ve found so many helpful hints and tips the last two days since joining here! I’m long term single and don’t have children (thankfully, given current circumstances!) so spend a lot of time alone which I usually enjoy. But since this has all happened it’s been a bit surreal. I have found myself questioning at times whether any of it is actually happening, or if maybe it’s cleared itself up overnight.
    It’s very comforting knowing there’s others out there, especially lovely ones like yourselves!

    off to do some research into Instillagel in case they don’t get rid of the growth tomorrow. Another tip I picked up on here, who’d have known!

    take care all x

  • Also, here is a photo of how I broke the news to my work pals…

  • OMG Kayleigh that is so cute and freakin' funny! You are gonna ace this.

    :D Suz

  • Hi  ,

    Firstly welcome to our usually merry, sometimes not so merry band although I’m really sorry you’ve had the need to find us & to hear of your recent diagnosis. 

    Some people here that have had real pain & discomfort prior to treatment have reported that once they start their radiotherapy that the shrinkage of their tumour is quite noticeable so hopefully this will also be the case for you. Have you already had biopsies done or will this be done along with your EUA today? 

    Hopefully things will move quickly for you from here & you’ll get your treatment plan underway soon which will see the beginning of the demise of this little blighter!! 

    Good luck today with the EUA & love the cupcakes by the way, your attitude to this sounds great which really is half the battle. 

    Thinking of you, let us know how you get on when you feel up to it. 


  • Hi Kayleigh,

    I was diagnosed in February and finished my chemoradiotherapy 3 weeks ago. Like everyone else has said, I'm sorry you've had to join this group but it's a great source of information and comfort as we go through treatment.

    I hope today has gone well for you.

  • Hi lovely people!

    I am home now, a little bit dazed but aren’t we all Sweat smile

    Had a great result really, they have removed all visible growth and all went smoothly. From what I can tell it’s all back to the hospitals now to decide what treatment comes next. I’m just hugely relieved to know that bloody growth is no longer in there! (I have some sort of internal packing that will emerge at some point which is spinning me out slightly, any advice on that hugely appreciated! I cannot remember what they said it’s called, something like Tommy Tippee but obviously not that!!)

    I hope other people are also having good news today. For those that aren’t, go steady.

    love, K