2 weeks after operation

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Hi everyone, my husband has recently undergone a huge operation to remove a tumour from his rectum.  We got the diagnosis in March, after a colonoscopy and biopsies, MRI and CT scans. He originally went to the doctors as he was bleeding and they thought it was a pile, after a course of treatment they decided to send him for further testing. He did the fit poo test which came back as negative. Then the colonoscopy where we were told it was a polyps but they were going to remove it.  On the day of the "removal" they only took a biopsy which came as a surprise, and then we got the call to go in and see them and were told it was cancer. This was obviously not what we were expecting at all, as they had been so positive, but when you walk into a room with 3 people and one of them is a Macmillan nurse our hearts stopped!  We were told that the biopsy had come back as cancerous and they were going to remove it, along with his rectum, close that up and he would be fitted with a permanent stoma.  We have been told that no chemo will be necessary as it hasn't spread,  but I am afraid that we don't believe them at this stage, we still have two more weeks to wait for the results.  The operation went well, but took a long time - 9 hours. The consultant said again he believes that he got all of it out. He was in hospital for a week, which was hard going.  Now we are on the road to recovery (I hope).My husband manages his stoma so well.  He is still very weak and has lost 2 stone in 2 weeks. Today we had all the clips removed from his tummy and anus. He is currently still seeping a bit of blood out, thank God for Tena man pants is all I can say there. He is still in a lot of pain, and cant walk around much, or get comfortable, either laying down or on his side. We are going to see about some counselling for this life changing event. That's it really, I just wanted to say Hi, I have spent a lot of time reading peoples posts since were diagnosed but haven't had the confidence to post anything so far.

  • Hello Mrs. Washington I am sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis and that he is experiencing a lot of discomfort. Was he diagnosed with Anal cancer? We do have some members on here who were diagnosed with Anal cancer and had a stoma operation. Personally I didn’t have this so can’t really give any tips on how to deal with that. I hope he soon starts to feel less pain and glad he has a supportive wife beside him going through recovery 

  • Oh, poor Mr. Washington and poor Mrs. too! What an ordeal for both of you!

    I haven't been through this myself, but boy, I can only imagine how it is.

    I'm glad you're here on the forum and hope you get responses that are actually helpful and not just supportive.

    But I support you!



  • Hello Mrs Washington

    Your husband has really been through it, and you too - we all know how stressful it is for partners and close family even though they are not the one undergoing medical procedures.  I think counselling sounds like a really good idea after all the trauma you have both been through - there are a fair number of people on here who have found counselling very useful after a cancer diagnosis, as of course, life is never the same.

    Please don't worry about posting on here - you have done it now and given us a very good snapshot of what life has been like for you both since the diagnosis and should you need support at any time, there are a number of people on here who will always listen.  After all, we have all needed that sympathetic ear along along the way!

    I am keeping everything crossed that your husband will continue to recover well and the two of you can get back to getting on with life.  Please let us know how the results go.

    Sending a big hug

    Irene xx

  • Thank you. I think they said it was rectal cancer. To be honest we didn’t take a lot of it in at the time it all happened so quickly. 

  • Hello everyone, I hope you are all well as can be on this bank holiday?  its now been a month since my husband had the operation and I am very pleased to tell you that we have had the call from the colorectal nurses to say the the results are back in and he needs no further treatment! No chemo or radiation. In the last two weeks he has had an infection in one of the wounds and needed antibiotics, the seeping from where his rectum was continues, but they said that will stop. I have done my last injection into his tummy, which I am glad is over as it gave me a stress headache every night. Hubby doesn't like needles and couldn't do it himself. He's now lost 3 stone :( but I am hoping a bit of this goes back on when things are more normal. He is still managing with his stoma bag so well, and we have only had one 'poonami' which was hideous at the time but we can laugh about it now. He still has pain where the rectum was but its getting better day by day. Hopefully this is the start of our recovery. Back to see the consultant in June and then I believe he will be monitored for 5 years. Its been a rough year for us both so far, I was diagnosed with some form of reactive arthritis in February, which still isn't completely sorted but its getting better, where I couldn't lift my arms, or use my hands properly. I had to rely on my poor hubby to help me clean after going to the loo, dress me, make all the food, do all the housework etc...  and then March hit us with this diagnosis for him. Thankfully by the time he had the operation I was starting to get better so the roles were then reversed.  Lets hope that the rest of the year brings better news. 

  • That's wonderful news that no further treatment is required. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery & best wishes to you too for health improvements. Hopefully you will both be able to cope well with your new 'normal'.


  • Mrs Washington, I am so pleased that you both have had positive news.  It will be such a relief to not having this hanging over your head.

    Now he needs to put some weight back on and you need to take care of yourself too, I really hope that you are having some treatment that will ease your arthritis.

    Wishing you both a healthy future!

    Irene xx