Day 3 of my diagnosis

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Day 3 of my diagnosis and I have no idea what the details are of my condition. I'm on an emotional roundabout with my sister by my side. I was born a positive thinker and a problem solver. This has completely thrown me, scared anxious and confused. I have surprised myself in how I am getting through each day. First 24 hours I was numb, second day I had lots of wobbles, 3rd day I'm surprisingly calm. I have had to manage my emotions infront of my 2 youngest children 10 and 12. Not ready to talk to anyone apart from my sister. I know I'm ready for the battle and this is not my first rodeo. Had a serious bleed on my brain 18 years ago. Had devastating news that gave a bleak outlook on my condition and was given the news that my brain may bleed at anytime after the surgery. Had 3 years of uncertainty. My attitude then was determination, and mental strength. I made a full recovery and lived through the experience with a new freedom for life. I'm facing this diagnosis with the same mental attitude with a realist outlook. There will be lots to overcome, and every hurdle will take a big leap of faith. As long as I am given the chance to jump I'm going to jump as high as I can. Reading some information on negative positivity I am much more mindful about how positivity can effect others. I am glad I have found a forum to speak out loud, and am grateful for being part of a community that understands each other. I'm worried that I might read information about terminal cancer at this point, because I'm not ready for that. I am also very real about the reality of cancer. I wish everyone in this forum the very best well wishes for your personal journey X 

  • Hello Selsey

    A warm welcome to the forum, although I am sure you would rather not be here.  But all on here understand what you are going through.  The first days after diagnosis were, for me anyway, the absolute worst.  Not knowing what type of cancer I had, what the treatment would be, all these unknowns and I was walking around in a bubble of fear.  I am so glad you have your sister by your side supporting you, and with your history I am so impressed that you are holding it together so well.

    We have lots of practical tips that can help once you know more about your treatment path, I should warn you that everything seem to take such a long time in these early days but once treatment starts we all generally feel much better and positive that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Please come back and let us know when you know more, and we are always here to offer support at any time along the way.

    Sending a big hug.

    Irene xx  

  • Hi Selsey,

    So sorry about your joining this group that no one wants to belong to, but boy, is it good to have a community of folks who understand the confusion, fear and anxiety of this journey. 

    Your experience with having and overcoming a frightening medical situation will serve you well as you handle and overcome this one.

    Having young children while you manage this is a hurdle I didn't have to negotiate. I'm very glad you've got your sister to support you as you move forward.

    Chances are great that it's NOT terminal. This cancer, however difficult and unpleasant it is, is rarely a killer when caught in the early stages, as I hope is the case with you.

    Please keep us posted and come back with questions and concerns. You already know you're going to get through this. We're here to help.



  • Hi Selsey. I'm sure you'll find a lot of emotional supprt and practical help here as you discover out more about your treatment plan. You are obviously mentally strong as you have coped with serious illness before and come out healthy, and so you will again with this, I am sure. 

    I found at first that I didn't really want to tell a lot of people, and it's great that you have your sister - I leaned heavily on mine, and she was fantastic. The main things I can tell you are that there is usually treatment for this cancer, and you will find all sorts of different combinations of drugs and therapies talked about here once you have been told what yours will be.

    The staff you will encounter are - in my experence - brilliant and are great at monitoring you as you go, so that any symptoms or side effects are dealt with quickly.

    Please let us know how you get on. All the best.

  • Thank you so much, each message has given me a sense of what others think and feel. I will be sure to continue with my messages and look forward to helping other through their journeys X