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Hi I am new to this forum after a google search . I am 10 weeks post treatment in Australia  ( I am originally from UK) for Anal SCC . I have my 3 month MRI & PET end of this month to see if the science has worked.  Treatment was tough I will not lie - I did 33 radiation sessions  1x MMC 2x 5FU .  Each week seems to be something else to experience  this week it is my first anal fissure  .   Still,  onwards and upwards . 

  • Hello Sim37

    A warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear what brought you here.  Yes, the treatment is tough, but very effective, I am sure you are really pleased that is in the past!  I am interested that you are having a PET scan so soon, I was told that the area treated by radiation can be inflamed for some time afterwards and may 'light up' but not be cancer.

    I am also sorry to hear about your anal fissure, I have heard that they are incredibly painful.  I wonder if you are taking stool softeners?  I have to take them every day as trying to pass a hard stool is extremely difficult (I have anal stenosis) but also invariably makes me bleed.  The treatment takes quite a toll on the back passage and anything that eases the 'traffic' helps.

    I will be thinking of you at the end of this month - please let us know how you get on.

    Irene x

  • Hi . I asked the same question if the radiation keeps working for 6 months why do the scan now  , they want to see that it is working effectively it seems .   
    I do use stool softeners and fibre capsules daily  I have too as I am prone to constipation but I noticed I was very sluggish the last few days  despite drinking loads of water.   It is just yet another thing to be worried about. 
    I will keep you posted on the outcome of the scans.


  • Hi Sim, ah yes the dreaded fissures! I experienced these and don’t envy you one bit! My doctor prescribed an ointment called diltiazem which is supposed to be the most effective treatment. Some people experience migraines from using this which I did and couldn’t continue. I ended up just layering pure vaseline all around my anus.  You are taking stool softeners which is good. When everything had healed I read an article about tamanu oil which has anti inflammatory properties and I would blend a few drops with almond oil and massage the skin around that area to help heal and improve suppleness. I have not experienced fissures since so must have done some good. Healing from this treatment is a bit like a roller coaster of some weeks you are feeling great and then have a blip but these do get less. I’m coming up nearly three years post treatment and do not suffer pain but do still have some minimal bowel urgencies moderated by diet. Good luck