Fibrosis after Radiotherapy

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Hello all, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anal Cancer in Oct 2021 and received Chemo Radiation treatment.  All going well until today had my  check up in  which  my Consultant has told me that he would like to see me in 3  months  ( instead of the usual 6 month) as he feels that  I may have fibrosis  of the anal canal as a consequence of R Therapy and to check that it is not a return of the cancer. Feeling anxious. Has anyone experienced this?

  • Hi Pheobeanne,

    I'm so sorry to hear about this possibly sinister development, although I sure hope that your good, careful consultant is just being diligent. I think it's everyone's Always Fear that this could happen.

    I haven't experienced this personally, but I can sure understand the anxiety, and this is a great place to be to manage it.



  • Hello Pheobeanne

    Yes!  I had 'thickening' at the point of the tumour and had a sigmoidoscopy which revealed a healthy, if a bit battle-scarred rectum.  The thickening was scar tissue and nothing to worry about.  Sounds as if your consultant is on the ball, which of course is a good thing, but, boy, it plays havoc with your head, doesn't it?  You have my sympathy and I will be thinking of you as you wait.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Irene xx

  • Thank you for your reply. I feel well in myself which is totally different to how I felt when it was diagnosed. This much be a positive, but still that element of doubt. A restless night but feeling more upbeat today. My consultant is my hero, after a misdiagnosis I went private and he literally saved my life. My previous doctor told me it was just a thickening of the skin , I couldn't accept it as I felt so poorly.


  • Thank you for your reply. Had a  restless night but feeling more upbeat today. I feel well in myself which is not how I felt at the initial diagnoses so that must be a positive Alas there is always that element of doubt. Greater the battle, greater the victory!

  • Thank you, it is good to know that someone else has experienced this. The three months are going to be extremely long. My wonderful Consultant told me not to worry as he is not worried he is just being extra careful. I am so grateful to have him take care of me. I will let you know the outcome as soon as I hear. Kind regards.

  • Yes, I am sure your consultant is just being careful. I was also diagnosed in autumn 2021 but I am still seen every 4 months, so it just seems to depend on individual consultants - and I suppose our cancers. 

    Good luck, try not to worry too much. 

  • Hi Pheobeanne, 

    when I was diagnosed with Advanced  stage 3 T4 N1 I wasn’t able to pass stools and so was given a stoma, after my treatment I was seen every 3 months for 15 months, after my 2nd  3 month scan my Tumour had significantly reduced, and have been in remission since. 

    I went back to my colorectal surgeon to speak about a reversal, tried to have a sigmoidscope but it was way to painful so had to be put under, when I came around he explained unfortunately due to the radiotherapy it caused scar tissue but in the form of 2 lumps they did take biopsies which came back no evidence of cancer but the scar tissue had coarsed a stricture which would stop me from being able to go to the toilet so have  the stoma for  life, which I’m fine with as it has given me a better quality of life as I always had issues with my bowels.

    Unfortunately with Radiotherapy it can cause this sort of thing, I wouldn’t worry about having to be seen every 3 months some people don’t get that opportunity to regularly get checked that often, I’m glad I was seen regularly at least you know that their on it. 

    Im still on oramorph for pain everyday the surgeon said it was very inflamed and im 2 year on.

    Try not to worry take care


  • Thank you, feeling more positive a time goes on, like you say it all depends on the consultant and how vigilant they are.

  • Thank you for your reply. Slept better last night,  but here is always that doubt that cancer has raised its ugly head again! I feel in safe hands with my Consultant, he really is very wonderful.  Hopefully all is well  I  will post on this thread when I have the next examination in 3 months. Kind regards.

  • Hi Irene hope you don't mind me messaging. I had my 6 month surveillance scans in April & received a letter May 16th to say they were reassuring no evidence of recurring. Today however I had a visit with my colorectal surgeon & after examination she said she could feel thickinng at the tumour site & would like to take biopsies under general anesthetic. She said as I have no symptoms & my scans look good she is just been thorough, did you find this in your case? X