2 cm lump

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Hi. I have a 2cm lump in my anus.   I’m 50 years old and fit and well.   I’ve had CT and MRI scans and the other day a colonoscopy.   They said it was highly suspicious.  It was good the doctor had lined up scans in advance.  The biopsy results will be about a week away.  Is it normal to be told the lump is highly suspicious and is it possible it’s not cancerous.  I too have did Dr Google and am run ragged and low in mood.  I should have found this first.  

  • Hi Andrew, me again, when I was diagnosed the thing I was so impressed with was how quickly everything went, in terms of seeing consultants, getting answers etc.

    Having a strong partner and friends helped me through this. I kept my glass 'half full' which took some doing I can tell you, but made a big difference as to how I coped and recovered. I did have some 'bad' days, as I am sure most of us on here have, that's when strong loved ones matter the most.

    I do hope that helps in some way


  • Thanks Rick.  I’ve been pretty upbeat.  But the colonoscopy procedure seemed to make it real and that threw me.   But reading some positive comments helps greatly  

  • Hello Andrew

    It really is such an unsettling and agonising time when all these investigations are going on - we all remember vividly and how panicky we felt during that period is (for me anyway).  If it is cancer, once they identify the type of cancer there will be more scans and behind the scenes meetings to formulate the best course of treatment for you.  And once that starts you do actually feel better that something is being done to rid you of this disease. 

    Please avoid Dr Google - lots of the information on there is inaccurate or out-of-date and consequently really hair-raising.

    I know it is really really hard right now, we are all thinking of you and are here to offer support should you need it (and advice by the bucket-load!)

    Irene xx

  • Thanks for your kind words.  The lump was discovered the beginning of December last year.  And I think we are at the stages of a MDT review and expect to be called back to the hospital in the coming weeks.  Well wishes are very much appreciated.  

  • Hi Andrew,

    There are pros and cons- I had an EUA (exam under anesthesia) because the pain of an anoscopy was too much for me to bear awake. I fully expected yet another 'We have no clue why you're in so much pain' so the awful surprise of anal cancer was at least something that could be treated.

    It's possible yours is not, of course, but if they're highly suspicious........

    Dr. Google is the worst. Come here for real talk that's well padded with so much support.



  • Hi Andrew,

    There really is no telling until those results are in is the real answer unfortunately. But as has already been mentioned if it is a diagnosis of cancer then things should move pretty quickly. You’ve got all the first steps out of the way as in scans etc., & in the meantime try & stay away from Dr Google, even if the worst comes to the worst so much of the information out there on Google is outdated or just totally incorrect, if you feel the need to do some reading please go through a reputable source such as here at Macmillan or cancer research. 

    Although still classed as one of the rarer cancers anal cancer is highly treatable & there’s many of us here that are testament to this. 

    The unknown really is the worst  possible place to be! Please come back & let us know the outcome, I’m thinking of you & we’re here to support you however we can should you need us. 


  • Thank you for taking the time to respond.  I’m  switching of Dr Google and coming here.  The response has been great and it’s good to hear from you all with your thoughts experiences and well wishes.   Thanks ridetbread. 

  • Hi Nikki65.  Thanks for being a champion and replying to us all.  It is surprising how uplifting it it to hear from you all.  My family history isn’t the best when it comes to cancer and was reminded of my uncles same issues he passed quickly.   It’s great to hear of contradictions to that.  I’ll keep in touch with you all if that’s okay.