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Hi everyone I am under investigation at the local hospital and currently awaiting results.  I’m feeling so low and worrying I ingnored the signs. 

  • Hi Andrew, there are lots of people in this forum who been in your shoes, so call upon all of us for support during this challenging time. You are not alone.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Andrew,

    I don't know ANYONE who expects anal cancer and looks for the signs. I went to a smorgasbord of doctors and nurse practitioners for TWO YEARS before I found one who didn't just shrug. 

    When you start mean-talking yourself, ask yourself if you'd say that sort of thing to a friend- or even a sad stranger. Bet you'd find encouraging, supportive things to say.

    Be just as nice to yourself.

    Don't make me come across the pond and go all Mama Medieval on ya!