Hpv and anal cancer

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I have been bleeding when I poo for about 2 years, I thought I was piles due to pregnancy and it would go away but hasn’t. It’s not sore or itchy. I have been to the doctor and have tried cream and suppositories but still bleeding. I have been referred to the surgeon at the hospital and my appointment is tomorrow.

i have been googling (which I know I shouldn’t) and discovered that Hpv causes anal cancer and I have been Hpv positive in my last 2 smears (no cell changes). Obviously that’s vaginal testing so now I am worried that me having Hpv and the bleeding are related and the Hpv may have caused anal cancer. I also have bowels changes, mucas sometimes, diahorrea, etc.

does anyone have any similar experiences?


  • Hello QuizLover

    I am so sorry you have this worry hanging over your head (Doctor Google has a lot to answer for) and I don't have experience of this. There are others on here with more knowledge than me and I am sure they will pick up on this thread.  However, in the meantime, I just wanted to wish you well at your appointment tomorrow, I am keeping everything crossed that your bleeding is nothing to worry about, please let us know how you get on, I will be thinking of you.

    Irene xx

  • Hello Quizlover, the unknown is very worrying isn’t it and Google has a lot to answer for sometimes. It’s great you are going to have some further tests done to find out what the problem is. Apparently HPV is in much of the population that have been sexually active and I think it’s two particular strains that are the cause of anal cancer. The not knowing is the hardest thing and fingers crossed it’s just piles. Keep in touch 

  • Thank you for your kind words. I have to go back for a colonoscopy so I need to wait for the appointment to come in the post. Hopefully it won’t take too long xx

  • Hi  ,

    I'm really sorry that you’re going through the worry of all this right now. I hope that your appointment comes through quickly for your colonoscopy so that you have some answers.

    A high proportion of anal cancers are caused by a couple of particular strains of HPV. I’m still not aware if my particular case was HPV related or not as apparently the hospital where I was diagnosed/treated don’t test for HPV as it makes no difference to the outcome as in the treatment we received etc., having said this I’ve always attended my smear tests regularly & have never had a HPV positive result, I had a smear test around a week after my diagnosis & that was also clear, my most recent was earlier this year, again completely normal result. So I suppose what I’m trying to say is if it works that you can have HPV that causes anal cancer & normal vaginal smear results then I would expect it can work the same in reverse. 

    I hope the colonoscopy reveals nothing sinister & it’s something that can be easily sorted. 


  • HI Quiz Lover,

    It's so hard not to google. I think the best most of us can manage is to be stern with ourselves about limits.

    I was shocked to find out that my anal cancer had probably been caused by HPV. I've never tested positive for HPV or even been tested for it, as far as I know. Obviously I've educated myself since then.

    Please keep us posted as to how to doctor appointment went!



  • Hi  - did anything come of this? I had same issue as you with bleeding and mucus and just had a colonoscopy. There was no obvious polyps but some odd white stuff nearer my rectum.. waiting for biopsies but I also recently tested positive for hpv and read about this so slightly concerned I have this. 

  • Hi, I got a colonoscopy and everything looked normal, there was one polyp and they took biopsies so I’m waiting the results, could take 11 weeks they said