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Hi I'm Angel1066 I'm nervous and scared about diagnosis.

  • Hello Angel1066, I welcome you to the group no one wants to be in. On here We share our experiences and tips on how we managed through our treatment. We all can empathise with how you are feeling right now. It was around this time of year when my doctor examined me due to unusual bleeding and I was immediately referred to my hospital. I saw a surgeon two weeks before Christmas and it was mind numbing. If you are diagnosed with Anal cancer which sometimes can seem to take a while having tests you can be assured that treatment is pretty robust. Keep us all posted on how things go. I’m 28 months post treatment and doing real good and living life the best I can.

  • Thankyou it's just a whirlwind at the moment just had MRI so waiting for meeting to discuss plan forward .

  • Hello Angel1066

    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but I am relieved you have found the group - all of us on here really do know what it is like and have lots of tips and coping strategies to share. We can all vividly remember the exact moment we found out we had cancer.  But, and you may not believe it right now, once things start moving and you treatment plan is drawn up things do start to calm down a bit, you feel more in control and the thought even comes in, there is going to be an end to all of this.  But the very early days are terrifying when you feel that you are on some sort of emotional and physical rollercoaster that you can't escape from.

    So please keep us posted on when your treatment starts, I won't bombard you with tips right now but we are all here to support at any time should you need it.

    Irene xx 

  • Hi  , I’d just like to add to the warm welcomes you’ve already received & say that it really was the best thing I did in joining this community following my diagnosis back in February 2018. A diagnosis such as this leaves you in a whirlwind of emotions & on the flip side of that there weee times that I felt void of any emotions, completely numb, I think this was the shock of the whole situation.

    We’re here to help support you throughout your journey, most of us here have received a diagnosis of anal cancer & been through surgery &/or treatment to get us where we are today so we completely understand what you’re going through. If you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Hi Angel,

    It IS scary, isn't it? Part of you wants it all done and over with, and part of you wants things to whoa for a bit and let it all sink in.

    I'm so glad you found this group. It's more helpful than anyone else I talked to or anything else I did. 

    Keep coming here for support. We'll have your back all the way through.