cancer of the anal glands

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Hi  everyone i have cancer of the anal glands and can find very little about the condition. only it is very rare and nobody  is sure what the glands purpose is. anything you can tell me will be appreciated. thank you

  • Hello eddiel

    I am really sorry that you had a need to find us with your diagnosis but a warm welcome to the forum.  Most of us on here have had or are undergoing treatment for anal cancer and are familiar with pain and upset in the nether regions.  But I must admit I am stumped, I have never heard of cancer of the anal glands so it must be exceedingly rare, and even the medical profession are unsure why we have anal glands.

    So I am sorry I can't help in anyway other than to say there is always support here if you need it, it really doesn't matter if your cancer is slightly different.  I do hope someone who has more knowledge than me can assist you more.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene, thank you for replying. there is not a lot of information to be found so looks like i have to wait until i see oncologist next year. I have found lots of information on other forums regarding my other cancers but this one has me stumped. when discussing treatment with my oncologist she told me this one gave her the most concern. anyway i will carry on looking, and i wish you well on your journey, take care.

  • Hi Eddiel,

    I'm so sorry that you've developed this one! Anal cancer is bad enough! I'm sorry that I have no clue about it, but sure hope your doctors are able to figure out how to tackle it. Please stay in touch here, both as support for you and education for us!



  • Hi again Irene, took my tog to vet for boosters,  she told me anal gland cancer rare but not uncommon in dogs so maybe  i should go on petplan. seriously though i have a meeting with my oncologist soon and though i have plenty of questions about my other cancers  but virtually  nothing about anal gland. If anybody has any advice on meaningful questions i would be grateful, thank you