Can anal cancer be hormone driven?

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I asked the doctor and he didn't know if my cancer was hormone sensitive. Does that mean it isn't? Would he have said if it was? Any answers would be appreciated.

  • Hi   I’ve never been made aware that anal cancer is hormone driven, having said that I’ve never asked the question of any of my Dr’s. I am aware that a large proportion of anal cancers are HPV driven, HPV being viral. 


  • Hi Cazz,

    Obviously the best person to answer this is your doctor, so I'd call immediately if you feel the information was insufficient.

    But if he said he didn't know, I'd certainly assume that that's exactly what he means. 'I don't know' doesn't mean the same thing as 'No it's not' so it's not a leap I'd make.

    I've never heard of a hormone-driven anal cancer. What makes you think it might be?


  • I don't it's just that several supplents I take say not to take them with hormone sensitive cancers. 

  • Ah, I see.

    I suspect that not much research has been done about this. When I asked before starting treatment if I could continue to use a vaginal hormone cream, no one knew.

    So I think your doctor really doesn't know.

    To be safe I quit using mine while in treatment. For a good several months afterwards, inserting a syringe wasn't even an option. But when I had healed enough I went back to it.

    I quit taking most supplements during treatment. I didn't want to take anything that's going to promote healing while the cancer drugs are focused on destroying. Let 'em rip!

    Hopefully someone will come along with better guidance.


  • Thanks. Being rare anal cancer is the poor man of the cancer world. 

  • Hi Cazz16 I have not heard it’s hormone sensitive but have read that anal cancer seems to affect women of menopause age due to the drop in the immune system. But this is like saying you won’t get anal cancer until you reach the menopause. As said it’s very rare and wonder if that much research has been put into it as with other cancers