Sitz baths, best and worst

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Hi all, ive literally, only yesterday come across sitz baths, over the past months ive found myself spending a lot of time in the bath as it seems to soothe things a little, so when i came across the sitz bath i couldn't catch my breath lol 

So, my questions are, from your experience, what are the up and down sides, are any particular makes better, i have come across a n electric one but not sure, hence these questions lol

Thank you all un advance 

  • Hi  , 

    I ordered a basic sitz bath from Amazon but to be honest I only used it a couple of times, I was happier having a soak in a warm Epsom salt bath. Having said that lots of people on here have found them invaluable so hopefully someone will come along soon with some advice on the pros & cons of the different types. 


  • I bought one on Amazon that just sat on top of the loo, I used to fill it with luke-warm water and use it as a loo - much less painful when everything is under water.  It is easily emptied and disinfected and I couldn't have done without it.  I thought I got it from Amazon but can't find it in my orders, but they all look much the same with the drain holes in.  I didn't even realise that there were electric ones!

    Irene x

  • Thanks nicola, had a good look at them last night and ordered one off amazon with some epsom salts, do you know if the epsom salts sting at all when using them?


  • Hi, i had a good look and bought one off amazon last night, should be here before 10pm tonight apparently, also bought some epsom salts. 

    I wasn't even aware of the sitz at all, never mind electric ones lol basically just warms the water for you from what i can see, and it was like £50, im sure the one ive got will be fine Fingers crossedGrin

  • Happy forager, 

    Hi I used epsom salts for psoriasis dry skin and eczema, all the way through, and had no sores, it doesn’t sting when using the Epsom salts, it’s soothing, 

    Laura x

  • Ahhh brilliant, thanks laura

  • Hi Forager, 

    I used a Sitz early on, but then my husband installed a bidet attachment, which is better for cleaning, but then you miss out on being able to go underwater, which I hear is a great help for the pain of pooing whilst in treatment. 

    Mine wasn't electric so can't speak to that.

    I too was VERY worried about the epsom salts being painful, but they are a completely different chemical substance from sodium chloride and don't hurt at all. A year and a half out I still bathe in epsom salts every single night. I love them.


  • Hi, thank you for reaching out, still getting my head around it all tbh but im managing ok'ish, i bit the bullet the other night and used my epsom salts, well, dont know why I was worried lol all joking aside, it was very soothing and i did seem to settle a bit better that night so could benefit from that a lot going forward

    Happy forager Green heartFlag black

  • Hi  , I found the Epsom salts nothing but soothing to be honest, I did wonder the same before I started using them, I think the word salt is enough to make you think it’s going to sting isn’t it? 


  • Thats exactly where my head went automatically, salt=sting and i didnt take nowhere near enough attention in chemistry class to know the difference, but now, every days a school day lol