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Hi everyone

  • Hi  ,

    Welcome to the Macmillan online community although I’m sorry that you’ve had the need to find us. We’re here to offer support & share our own experiences about dealing with anal cancer, treatment & beyond. Feel free to share your story when you’re ready & ask away if you’ve any questions. 


  • Am awaiting  chemo and radiotherapy treatment for large squamous carcinoma, am really nervous & worried, am stage 3 cancer but cancer is localised 

  • Am in a lot of pain, am prescribed Gaberpentin for pain, any advice please.

  • Hi I was similar… I’m now 8 weeks post treatment (I won’t lie the side effects from radio are extremely painful) but the treatment itself is ok xx Get yourself a sitz bath… the hospital will give you creams etc and additional pain relief … mine was through the GP on Zomorph (12 hour slow release 2x a day) with oramorph as “top up” for breakthrough pain. For me and couple of others having treatment same time the first 3 weeks was ok but be prepared by week 4… week 8 post treatment and still a bit sore when I pass but rest of the time I’m pain free. In countdown to scan (4 more weeks)

    Youve got this Muscle sending hugs and positive vibes xx

  • Thx for advice, really nervous about starting treatment I have an oncologist appointment Tuesday to discuss treatment plan I presume, I will keep you informed if that's ok Thumbsup 

  • It is really scary … once you’ve seen the oncologist things hopefully will move quickly with a start date for treatment (if you’ve not had already)  Write any questions you gave down and take them wRoflh you.. mine tried to “rush” me but I wasn’t leaving till I’d asked everything Rofl I’m a bit rubbish at logging on here but I’m also on a Facebook group specially for anal cancer too if you’re interested.

    I’ve met people there who started treatment same day as I did and become friends with them .. we private message our day to day progress and it’s a comfort to know “it’s not just you”

    hope to see you on there

    Maggie (Smith)

  • It’s a great group. Wrote 2 replies but they weren’t posted … wishing you best of luck .. Maggie

  • I will write questions down to ask oncologist on Tuesday just want to start treatment now, I was admitted into hospital with anal mass, I've had colostomy & the plan is to treat squamous cell carcinoma with oral chemo & radiotherapy. My life completely changed interested space of 6 weeks. I think groups like this are so helpful in taking to other people going through the same thing. Xx