Flamogel.. is that what is called?

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Hi guys. Well 2nd day today.  Yesterday was a tough day,  so tired and felt really quite overwhelmed.  Had chemo via iv and radiotherapy. Today just radiotherapy taking chemo via tablets. 

What I want to know is I was given some gel to use with the radiotherapy and I'm not sure how to use it.  Do I use it from now or wait till my skin reacts.

Also while I'm here my daughter asked.. does the radiotherapy shrink the tumour or just kill it? Xx

  • Well done!  The Flamigel I was told to massage the area of radiotherapy 2  x daily,  but I used it 3 x daily from when my therapy started, when I got home and before bed and in the morning, it cools the skin and help prevent burning. I had radiotherapy to 'mop up' any possible cells floating about after my lumpectomy.  Fortunately I didn't need chemo.   Good luck on your journey 

  • Hi  ,

    That first day is exhausting isn’t it, I think part of that for me was the emotional strain surrounding the not knowing really what to expect.

    I was given QV cream to begin with (aqueous cream), once my skin began reacting to the radiotherapy I was given flaminal cream which is  similar to flamigel, I applied each time I went to the loo, when I got out of the shower, straight after radiotherapy (in the changing room) & before bed on an evening. Once treatment was finished I was given Flamazine cream, this again is similar although it contains silver I believe which is really good in the healing process of burns. 

    I think the answer to your daughters question is both, the radiotherapy kills the cancer cells & in turn shrinks the tumour. I hope that helps a little. 


  • Hello - I had to fight for my tube of Flamogel, actually my dear friend tracked some down for £38 ! with hind sight I would have started using it the last week of treatment. use it throughout the day (cleansing  after every pee or poo and applying the gel liberally) I also found if I used x3 panty liners x2 adjacent to each other and one across the top to cover anal area - acted as the perfect dressing (hosp do not have bespoke dressing for females, post anal treatment) also extend use of Flamogel across buttocks as this helps when the blistering started another unknown but obvious when you think about it. I had a less than supportive chemo nurse who really did not answer any of my proactive questions. In the end I used one large tube of Flamogel and two smaller ones and sometimes still need it although I am 2 months 11 days post treatment. Be good to yourself this is harsh chemical treatment which has a massive impact on body and mind. You will feel rubbish but drink as much clear fluid as possible ie green tea, herbal tea, water, I found if I didnt drink enough I quickly felt much worse and the headaches started coming on strong. Appetite is totally reduced, for me the ony indication I should eat was my body saying 'sugar levels are too low' I had no appetite as such and food was not tasty so just eat exactly what you quite fancy and try to keep away from refined sugar, you need as much nutrient rich foods as possible, although I ate a lot of toast !

    One other thing, I bathed daily with dead sea salt, had it delivered in bulk from 'Intralabs' it helps with healing and I continue to have daily salt baths, salt as you know is a cleanser and healer, I could not have healed as quickly without it, bearing in mind the location of the treatment. 

    Once treatment gets going you will likely need to be aware of where toilets are if you are out anywhere, I did not go anywhere apart from the farm shop to buy food etc urgency is urgent esp if you are the type to have regular bowel movements, if your colon is naturally slower it is a blessing under these circumstances ! although constipation is definitely to be avoided, esp if you are having to take painkillers.  

    I found I was really struggling by week 5 of treatments and like you had chemo tabs + radiation (For first two weeks forgot to stop the tabs over the weekend and my white blood cells crashed which was not helpful).

    Keep posting it will help you stay sane X 

  • Thank you.  Yeah it was a tough day but onwards and upwards eh x

  • Yes it does answer my question thank you x

  • Thank you,  so you used the gel around your anus area as well as around the radiotherapy area? 

    I  have IBS so constipation is a big issue for me usually, hopefully for the first time in my list this will prove to be a good thingLaughing

    I will try the salt baths..I have to have bicarb in my baths always because of a reaction I have to plain water but hopefully the salt will suffice.

    Yeah I woke up at 8am this morning with really low blood sugar, this is a problem I do have but not usually that bad that early I will need to keep an eye on that.  I drink green tea or hot water anyway.. already gone off my coffeePensive

    I will try and keep posting but I do tend to close up and keep to myself when I'm not feeling good.  Today seems to be a bit of a teary day already. 

    Thank you for your help xx

  • I should have mentioned the Flamazine cream can only be used post treatment because of the silver content.


  • Abigail

    You may find during treatment that your bowels are very loose, I'm not sure if that is the chemo or the radiotherapy.  But if you normally suffer constipation be very careful at the end of treatment if you are having prescribed painkillers.  I stopped them because of constipation but I should have been better prepared and taken stool softeners alongside which would have made life an awful lot easier.

    I'm so sorry you are having a teary day, sending you a big hug.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Abigail,

    So glad that the journey has started and now you're on your way to scouring all the cancer out of you and letting you go with your life.

    We sadly have no Flamigel here. I was using Calmoseptine long before I started treatment, but couldn't use it until I got home from radiation as it blocks it. Once I was past the worst of the recovery I started on Miaderm, which I still use daily.

    Radiation first shrinks the tumor, then hopefully kills it all the way off.

    Hope today is better. Rest all you can. Every day there is less cancer in your body.



  • Hi Suz ( ),

    You've made a great point there, I too was told not to apply any kind of cream prior to my radiotherapy sessions for the same reason.