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Hi, I seem to find myself coming back here when I get myself in a panic.

I'm 4 1/2 years post treatment and have various side effects still now and again. Right now though I'm experiencing terrible itching again around my anus and it just pings my head straight back to worry mode, as this was one of my main symptoms before diagnosis.

I know I've spoken to the consultant about it when it's happened in the past and they've explained how weak the skin is there now after radiotherapy,  but I just can't stop it really worrying me.  

Really interested to know if people do still experience itching and soreness this far along?


Deb x 

  • Hello Debh1

    The fear is always there lurking, I know.  I never had itching but the soreness has never completely gone - certainly not like the early days but very tender, nonetheless and I am two years down the line.

    If you are still under your treating team I would give them a ring - I know that you have had this in the past but I think it is totally understandable that you need to be reassured again.  I would, in your shoes.

    Hope you get some help, let us know how you get on.

    Irene xx

  • I still get a bit of itching, 3 years down the line and a LOT of soreness and numbness! I mentioned it all to my Colorectal Nurse when she phoned last week, she said she'd pass it on to the consultant and maybe arrange for a face to face appointment!  She did, for August! Going by this, I'm guessing they don't think it's anything to be worried about!

    As Irene says, the worry just doesn't go away! Get yourself checked out, for your own peace of mind!

    Take care,

    Moira x

  • August!!!  If it gets any worse call them again, please!

    You take care too

    Irene x

  • I will, thanks Irene! xx

  • Hi Deb, 

    Interesting to see folks still having this reaction even 4 years out! I'm 2 years, and still having some woes. Itching is occasionally one of them. We don't have consultants here (or at least I don't, never been mentioned) so my only option is to make an appointment with my gastroenterologist. It takes months to get in to see her, so I never call outside my regular 6 monthly checkups. I just use steroid creams or my heavy duty Calmoseptine, and Benadryl. 

    And yeah, I'm scared every time it happens. Pain is still a frequent visitor too.

    Sorry to be a downer, but the last few months have been tough.



  • Nice to see you back Suz Slight smile