Worried about possible recurrence

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I'm 4 years (Feb 2) free from treatment.  Annual scans all good.  Scans every Oct. But a week ago I found a small hard pea size bumper just inside my rectum. I have a call into my doctor but really worried my cancer is back!!!!!

  • Hello Teletubby

    It is such a worry when anything different happens in the area that caused us all the problems in the first place.  It may well be nothing and I hope it is, but you are doing the right thing by calling your doctor (I am guessing you still are under the treating hospital).  With any luck they will see you very soon and have a look and investigate.

    I am really hoping it is nothing to worry about, please let us know how you get on with the doctor.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Teletubby, I have just read your post and as Irene has advised, go and get this checked out. When I was around two years post treatment I noticed a pea size lump just inside my anus. It felt hard and felt it was contributing to my painful bowel movements. My oncologist took a photo of it as she had not seen one like it and wasn’t unduly concerned but due to my history she sent me for surgery to possibly take a biopsy. I can well understand your panic as I was just the same. I went to the hospital to get it removed and they said it wasn’t cancerous and caused by the radiotherapy and called a Fibroepithelial polyp. I spent a few hours at the hospital and sent home with a very big wedge of dressing in my butt hole which they said would naturally fall out when opening the bowels. They had obviously numbed the whole area as I couldn’t feel a thing for the first eight hours. Eventually the anesthetiser wore off and it was sore fore a couple of weeks but I didn’t care as I just felt relief. My notes said it’s radiotherapy caused but when it did eventually heal I have no pain opening my bowels now. Fingers crossed that is what you have there.

  • Thanks so much for your reply! Yes, I am following up with my gastroenterologist whom I recently met for the first time! He was very kind and friendly....I'm startled that so soon after meeting him (I've moved around a bit within the US the past few years) I actually have an issue! Would've been nice to have it 3 weeks ago! But yes, I emailed the concern on the portal and he wants me to call on Monday. So I will do that. Thanks so much for your support. I rarely look at this site anymore (I used it a lot when I was dx'd and being treated...and then after to support and inform others on their issues at time). Be well, Lynn 

  • Thanks Jaycee! That is so reassurring to hear! It's hard to wait between realizing there may be a problem/issue and actually seeing the specialist! Also, I live in MD (US) and am going to be staying in FL for the month of Feb. So doctors appointments will have to wait. However, I may be able to see my gastro next week before I go, or at least speak with him. If needed, I could see a gastro in FL, of course. We have zocdoc here in the states (where are you?). Zocdoc allows you to find specialists and providers in any area for appointments with doctors in your insurance and soon appts. If I need to...I could utilize that forum. Thanks again so much! I feel better already! Be well and best, Lynn 

  • Hi Teletubby, I live in the UK and my treatment came under the good old NHS. When I discovered the pea sized lump I was very lucky that my oncologist phoned me within a week to tell me they had a cancellation for surgery and would I like to take it. I certainly did as unfortunately one of the drawbacks of the NHS is the waiting times. Good luck with finding your specialist