Date for surgery!

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Hi all finally got a date for surgery 29th January! Been crying all day it’s all getting to me had biopsy an examination to take my anal canal an back of my vagina away but can rebuild my vagina! I’m so constipated it hurts have taken stuff for it but not working think it’s from all the oxy stuff I’ve been taking!!

  • Kimj - my heart goes out to you - what an awful time for you. I really hope you get some kind of relief xx

  • Kimj

    At least you have a date now. you know what is happening and when and afterwards, hopefully, your life can start moving forward.  I am so aware of how traumatised you are by all of this and hope that in some way you will begin to see the surgery as a means to an end of all the pain in your life.

    Any opioid-based painkiller will cause constipation, unfortunately and that is the last thing you need.  Although I am no longer on strong painkillers I take a stool softener every day to help with bowel movements otherwise mine are painful too.  I use Laxido, but it must be taken regularly - if your local pharmacy don't stock it they can order it in for you.

    I'll be counting off the days with you, Kimj.

    Sending hugs

    Irene xx

  • Yeah, oxy is terribly constipating. It's also just about the only thing that worked for pain, for me. Miserably yo-yo to be on. I'm glad you've got your date, Kimj, and it's great news that they can rebuild your vagina. One more month, surgery recovery and then you can finally begin to heal and feel better.