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Hello everyone, hope you're all as well as can be?

Just got back from radiotherapy and an appt with my nurse, been told my bloods aren't very good, so my oncologist has decided to drop the chemo and replace it with 2 more sessions of radiotherapy, everything seems to be going in the right direction so i think im ok with it, i totally understand why just thrown me a little 

  • Hi Forager,

    You're not alone! Didn't happen to me but I've read this scenario from many folks here, and I can't think of any that had an adverse effect from stopping!



  • Hello Happyforager2

    I can understand you being a bit thrown, but as Suz says there a quite a few on here who have had their chemo stopped for the same reason and it didn't affect the outcome.  And you only have a couple of weeks to go, by my reckoning so count those days off!

    Irene xx

  •   thank you, i still strongly believe me and the team have got this beat

    We keep moving forward 

  • My consultant said that the radio was the important bit and that if they see anything that makes them think that the chemo might put me at risk they would stop it. Glad it's going in the right direction? Where are you up to? Interested to hear peoples experiences. I start next week..x

  • Hi  im coming to the end now, 2 weeks'ish to go, on the whole its been manageable, had a couple of episodes of pain in my hips at the end of week 1 and sores and ulcers in the mouth from the chemo, but the nurses have been absolutely brilliant, my nurse has just won radiotherapy nurse of the year for wales and is now in the running for the national award, she has gone above and beyond in all her career when you look at it, so grateful for ppl like that

    1. Use the resources on here, the wealth of experience on here is amazing, use it
  • Hi happyforager2 I only had chemo tablets for 2 days unfortunately I had heart attack so thy stopped them only had the radiotherapy  I'm 2 years ned 

  •   Just here to reinforce what everyone else has said, the radiotherapy is the mainstay of the treatment and there’s been many people here in the time I’ve been with the forum that have had to stop chemo for one reason or another but have gone on to have very successful outcomes. From what I understand the capecitabine that I was taking is a cell division inhibitor that kind of holds everything stable whilst the radiotherapy does its thing. It’s understandable that you’re feeling a little thrown as it’s a change to what you were expecting to happen. You had the first round of your chemo & I would imagine when you’re having the week 1 & 5 chemo regime that is the important one so hang onto that positive attitude, we’re here for you.