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I was just wondering if anyone experienced a perceived worsening of their symptoms while waiting for treatment?

Since my scans last week I've experienced more and more discomfort in my bottom and lady areas. Itching is the main one but also the feeling of pressure. I've rang the nurse team to discuss it but being able to feel it all the time is causing me huge anxiety. My consultant has reassured me that it is unlikely that my cancer is going to grow excessively over night or in the week or two before my treatment but I can't shake the worry that it is. I feel like I could cope with the discomfort in the place where I thought my tumour was but I feel like I'm experiencing discomfort in other locations. If they had seen something new on the scan they would have told me wouldn't they?

Sorry for my break from positivity. I'll be back next week with some more of the good things but I'm having a rough day. 

Interested to know what people did to feel calm. I'm trying to keep busy but every time I move I can feel it. Sob

  • Feather 653

    My only symptoms that caused me to visit my GP were thin poos and sometimes feeling tired.  She was wonderful and fast tracked me for a scan and I discovered less than two weeks later that I had cancer.  Thereafter, I felt as though I had been hit by a sledgehammer.  I had the strangest aches, pains and twinges all over my body, never mind that I could barely string a sentence together!  My daughter and I were talking about it only last night, and it actually was a period of intense fear for the whole family, not just me.  And fear and stress has a major effect on the body, not only the mind.

    I know it is easy for me to say but you need to be guided by your consultant on this one.  That doesn't lessen what you are feeling right now, and that anxiety is a common theme amongst us all when we were waiting around for the results of scans, the MDT meetings, the treatment to start - 'Has the cancer spread???'  You most likely have a hugely heightened sense of what is going on in your body right now and the likelihood is that is that your symptoms are no worse, but the difference is the knowledge that you now have.

    You have only nine days to wait and hopefully those will fly by.  And we are here at any time, you aren't going through this alone, please remember that.

    Big hug

    Irene xx

  • Hi  ,

    Please don’t feel the need to apologise for the way you’re feeling, this is the beauty of this forum, we all completely understand the whole spectrum of feelings that come along with this diagnosis & certainly nobody here is expecting you to positive the whole time. 

    I agree completely with Irene on this one, fear, stress & anxiety can do funny things to our bodies, I can completely relate, I had horrendous hip pain prior to treatment, I knew I had a level of osteoarthritis but the sudden worsening of this pain had me convinced that the cancer had spread to my bones! You’re possibly picking up on every ache, pain, sensation etc., & that along with the anxiety is so difficult to deal with. Also remember the area that our cancer originates is packed full of nerves so it’s going to be particularly sensitive to any inflammation that’s going on. 

    Since my diagnosis & treatment I’ve found some self hypnosis/mindfulness downloads that help me to relax immensely, I listen through my phone with EarPods in so there’s no distractions & I’ve never actually heard the end on the sessions, I’m relaxed to the point of falling asleep every time, maybe something like this may help? 

    Don’t forget we’re here to support you however we can.