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Any opinions from Members on the benefits of each type ie. basic, battery pump, hand pump?

Planning to order

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  • HI yardbird, I used to be in healthcare and only ever used basic models, Unless prescribed solutions to add to water we found epsom salts worked well. The main issue with the bath was  sterilising and infection control so pick one that  looks easy to clean. I do not know if you have used or understand possible problems but you must not use one if there are open wounds and make sure to thoroughly dry off  afterwards. PS  i allways thought they were very useful and underused.

  • i bought one with a pump, only used the pump once but it hurt..the sitz bath is ok at the beginning but when the burns got worse it didnt help..i used to keep a big jug in the bathroom and filled it with water (room temperature) sit right back on the toilet and when you're ready to start to wee pour the water between your legs and it rinses the wee off straight away..the sitz bath was good just for just sitting in when the burns were bad saved getting baths all the time

  • i used mine even more when all the skin had burned off, i only used water though, i got told not to use epsom salts

  • I bought a collapsible sitz bath that was so easy to wash and keep clean. When I had internal wounds I was told to soothe my skin in one of these. Reading these comments does make me think we are all being told variants of after care. But what suits one may not necessarily suit another.

  • Plain simple basic Sitz bath, fill up in the bath and empty down the loo.  Mine is still sitting up on top of my bathroom cabinet where I hope it will stay!  But it was the very basic version with no bells or whistles, just lowered my rear end end in and it served me very well.

    Irene x

  • Perfect. Thank you. xx

  • I just had the basic one.  I didn't use it until last week of treatment but then it was  morning and night and sometimes inbetween if toilet became uncomfortable.  I just used warm water.  It was verrrrry soothing!