What is low grade malignant change mean?

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So received a letter from my colorectal surgeon saying that the biopsy taken from the anal margin taken at 10 o click was within normal limits. The biopsy taken from the anal margin at 9 o clock was AIN 1 low grade pre malignant change. It does not require treatment and will be monitored this during surveillance programme due in two mobile. Not sure wether to be relived or not advise pls has anyone else experienced this thank you xx 

  • Hello GreenNanny although I have no personal experience of this I do believe I have seen on here that AIN 1 is not cancer at this stage but could develop into cancer. Emphasising it could therefore that is why they are going to keep an eye on you. I hope someone on here sees this and has personal experience so they can put your mind at rest. Also ring your hospital who is involved and ask them to explain clearly so you know what is happening 

  • Hi thank you I have googled it now I’ll take it as good news for now ot means I can actually enjoy this Christmas as last Christmas was a complete right off. Family are over the moon. Time to celebrate Tada 

  • GreenNanny

    I personally don't have experience of AIN 1 but I am so relieved that you can move forward, safe in the knowledge that they are keeping an eye on you.  Celebrate, I certainly would!  Really good news.

    Irene xx

  • Hi  , I’ve had a look on the cancer research website & as I understand there are 3 stages to AIN, 1, 2 & 3. Stages 1 & 2 are classed as low grade & tend to be monitored opposed to needing active treatment  as there’s a chance the abnormal cells can revert back to normal cells but stage 3 requires further treatment. I too hope someone with a little more experience of AIN comes along with some advice soon & is able to put your mind at rest. 


  • Hi  

    It would be typical for low stage AIN to be monitored rather than treated as the cells can regress on their own. The hpv virus can cause cell changes in the anus-AIN, the cervix-CIN, and the vagina-VAIN. 

    Basically these conditions are not cancer, but need to be monitored to ensure they don’t progress. The cell type inside the anus is similar to the cells in these other areas I have mentioned, so abnormal cells can appear in any of these areas. Good news is that it’s not cancer! 

    I’d be relieved and get on with enjoying Christmas! 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Sarah thank you very much for this explanation it has really helped and I shall definitely try my hardest to enjoy this Christmas I feel extremely lucky. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too! Thanks again xx