Today is a good day!!

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After Chemo Radiation Therapy early 2022 and APER Surgery and Hysterectomy early 2023 I have today been declared NED for the first time in 2 years!! Just wanted to let everyone know facing the same that you can do this and always have hope!! Sending love and positivity to you all.

  • Fantastic news! Very pleased for you and a great boost for us all . Thank you for sharing xx

  • Definitely a good thing  , you can rest assured that your team are being thorough & covering all bases. Hopefully the HRA will have clear findings. 


  • Thanks Nikki 

    I'm much more convinced with this surgeon that she is more thorough and understands. 

    Shame my 1st surgeon didn't do last November (he told me  twice "I don't think this is Cancer as not symetrical)

    This surgeon told me she is seeing more cases of Anal cancer this year more than previous, her numbers have doubled up till now and it's only August. 

    She has taken biopsies of findings of HRA and the growth on anus and asked for Urgent pathology. Seeing me on 16th. 

  • Jinnie

    I am so pleased that you are feeling better about this surgeon, that can go a long way to reassure you that everything is being checked out.

    Irene xx

  • Hi again  , it’s good that you have more confidence in this surgeon that you’re seeing now, it makes all the difference if you can have a good honest relationship with your Dr’s, I was lucky to have a great oncologist & surgeon, both were kind, tactful but honest & upfront with me too. 

    Unfortunately cases of Anal cancer are on the rise & GP’s & other NHS practitioners need to be made aware of this to begin achieving earlier diagnosis, the GP’s surgery is often people’s first port of call & so many people are still getting misdiagnosed with haemorrhoids, fissures etc., prior to a much later diagnosis of anal cancer!

    I’m hoping the next 10 days pass quickly for you.