Pain and throbbing in right shin bone

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Hello folks haven’t been here for a bit hope everyone is feeling ok. Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated I’ve been having for a while a pain in my right shin bone comes and goes and sometimes also throbbing in the same calf sometimes it goes from the knee down into my foot. I get it at night too. When I get this shooting pain in what feels like my shin bone it feels like my leg will give way and I’ll fall!! Could it be related to my anal chemo radiotherapy treatment which finished in December? Or something completely new because of the treatment. Tia xx

  • Hi Nanny,

    Of course I don't know, but it's certainly true that pelvic radiation takes a toll on our bones, especially women of a certain age as we're also naturally subject to bone deterioration. In the States we get a Dexascan to check bone density. Might be worth asking your doctor.

    Hope it clears up soon. Phantom pain is no fun.



  • Hi Suz I am due a bone density scan that may show something I was just so scared it might be a cancer crazy I know but hopefully after the scan I’ll know and it’ll make me feel better although this pain is pretty intense and I’m dreading it if it gets worse. Hugs back to you to thanks xx 

  • Ah, GreenNanny, aches and pains!  I have them too, and I never had them before.  I am not sure if it is because I might be walking awkwardly because my hips ache, especially the right one.  I have been checked out and apparently my hip tendons are inflamed.  Pelvic radiotherapy doesn't mention anything about lower legs unless possible swelling.  it would be worth checking on your next hospital visit, or with your GP if it is really bad.  Sounds really painful, especially aches in the night are so debilitating.

    Irene xx

  • Hello Irene I hope you’re keeping well. I’m hoping I can get into the gp soon ish and hopefully find out. Thanks for your reply fingers crossed it’s nothing serious. Take care xx