Checking schedule for follow ups post treatment

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Hi everyone

I had my 9 month MRI in May and after a four week wait and lots of ringing up to enquire I have just had a call from the secretary of my colectoral consultant to say that there is NED and my consultant will see me in a year following an MRI in a year's time. 

Now its great to hear the good news but I am sure I should have been seen in clinic at 9 months and then had a further MRI at 12 months with an appt in clinic and not sure if these stayed at 3 months or moved to 6 monthly but definitely not in a year. This is what I was told by my Oncologist before I was referred back to my hospital.

I've told the secretary this and she said she will pass on to my consultant. I havent been happy with this consultant she misdiagnosed me twice with piles and was rude speaking to a nurse about her missing me twice last year and the nurse replying naughty! 

Think will contact my Radiotherapy nurse see what she says. 

Just wanted to see what appt schedule you lovely people have received.


Carole x

  • Carole, I will keep my fingers crossed that you get moved to the other consultant.  I am still hopping mad on your behalf and glad that you have the correct schedule for check-ups sorted out.  I am so pleased you have a helpful nurse too.

    I would be most interested in hearing about the group and the shared experiences.

    Irene xx