Lump! and alcohol?

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Morning just little old me again looking for advice please! Yesterday I have discovered when I had an itch slightly inside the anus to my horror I could still feel what felt like some small the tDizzy faceor in the same place! I could feel something similar after treatment was finished but the oncologist reassured me it was scar tissue. My treatment ended 14th December 2022. Also after a cancer diDizzy facenosis do you all stop alcohol all together that’s the advice mostly I think. I’ve got to be honest I was scared and before I knew it I had drank a full bottle of rose Dizzy face‍ yesterday and feel awful now. I’ve read alcohol can increase your chance now of other cancers to is this true? I’m thinking it’s probably safer to not drink alcohol at all, need to work on this and find some other way to relax when altogether, suns out, having bbqs on holiday etc!! Any advice would be helpful. Thanks xx 

***EDIT** I have called and spoken to my specialist cancer nurse this morning 11am and she says it can take up to a year to heal and feels it’s scar tissue but my oncologist will examine me and probably request MRI on next appointment 17th July. 

  • Hello GreenNanny

    I am glad you have spoken to your cancer nurse and you did absolutely the right thing, they will check you out very thoroughly and make sure it isn't anything untoward.  I had 'thickening' at the site of the tumour that showed up on a scan and had it checked out but that was scar tissue too.

    There is a known link between alcohol and some types of cancers and alcohol and ALL cancers, especially drinking to excess.  That said, I haven't completely stopped alcohol and enjoy a glass of Cava although I will say my taste buds have changed drastically since treatment.  I used to love Sauvignon Blanc and can take it or leave it now and during treatment I couldn't even entertain the thought of any alcohol, or most drinks, for that matter.  I think drinking a bottle of Rose, (particularly if it was a one-off) because you were worried is understandable, but definitely not advisable as a regular occurrence. At social occasions and especially if the weather is hot I always make sure to drink lots of non-alcoholic drinks first and alongside, sometimes we down alcohol because we are thirsty. 

    I hope everything turns out well at your next appointment, and if you are still worried, I wouldn't hesitate to call the team treating you again.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene, thank you for the reply. I definitely won’t be repeating that again I’d love to never drink again but I do enjoy it I might start trying non alcoholic wines. I forgot to mention I had a throb/ache start in my neck then a pain in the top left shoulder long story short I thought it was a trapped nerve, anyway I call my cancer specialist nurse and she advised I get a referral ( gp and nurse were awful totally dismissed symptoms I’ve moved surgeries now with my husband) I have been diagnosed with a heart problem given a heart spray to use they think it’s from the treatment I had. I have either angina or artery disease waiting for further tests. I have been advised if we have the money to go private as the waiting list now is crazy, minimum of a year just for the MRI the nurse said it because of covid and strikes. Even having to wait over a month for a call from private hospital for a quote for a MRI. 
     I hope you are keeping well? Xx 

  • Hi  ,

    It’s good that you’re getting things checked out, it’s most likely scar tissue but I understand how these things can be really unnerving. 

    Regarding alcohol, I still enjoy the odd glass, I’ll have a drink if out with friends or if myself & my daughter go for lunch in town, I don’t drink to excess & not regularly, I don’t & have never smoked, I eat pretty healthily but I’m of the mind now that if we gave up everything that’s supposed to be bad for us it would be a boring old life wouldn’t it? We all have different views on the way we should live our lives especially following something like a cancer diagnosis & I think it’s only a decision that we can ultimately make for ourselves. 


  • Hi Nicola thanks for the reply I agree totally. Fingers crossed it is only scar tissue I’ll feel better after further tests I think. Take care xx 

  • GreenNanny

    A year for an MRI?  I am astonished, and whilst COVID and strikes have undoubtedly had an affect I am struggling to see how that sort of delay is justified.  It makes me wonder how some local health authorities are run very efficiently and others have a dire record, and I don't think it is all down to hard cash. 

    I don't know where you are in the country but is there a chance you could go outside your health area?  I belong to a forum for people with atrial fibrillation and there are quite a few on there who travel for a consultation and ablation on the NHS when there are long waiting lists in their own area.

    I am sorry that you had to resort to changing your GP but it sounds as if you did the right thing, it is just not good enough dismissing a patient's symptoms.

    I hope you have some luck in getting this moved to an earlier date.  And thank you, I am well and enjoying the sunshine.


    PS  I have yet to find a decent alcohol free wine - having daughters who didn't drink during pregnancies in recent years we have tried them all and nothing hits the spot!

  • I know I was very shocked, just before covid hit my husband had a ecg then needed a stent fitted all done within a month!!! Now I’m having to wait a year it’s just crazy!! I’m in Leicestershire uk. I’m having to use my heart spray almost daily a couple of times.  I am concerned!  I don’t know how to go about going out of my area to be honest for information like this xx 

  • Hello GreenNanny

    This is a link

    which describes how you go about it.  There is a telephone number at the bottom of the page if you need more advice.

    I really hope they can be of real help in getting you seen sooner.

    Irene xx