Advice on Epsom salt sitz baths please

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Hi everyone I’m reading a lot of positive things regarding Epsom salt baths on here. So I have a few questions if that’s ok. I’m 2 days away from finishing chemo radiotherapy treatment of 28 days pump and intravenous week one and the last week, just finished Friday. I was fine up to the beginning/ middle of week 4 and I’m so sore now with skin plits, infected right groin and swollen terribly and constantly leaking from sores and bowel. Is it too late to try Epsom salts I’m thinking it will be very sore or would it help heal everything down there. The nurses look at me gone out when I tell them about sitz baths and Epsom salts or aloe Vera! They say NO! It’s will make you much worse and dry your skin out. Im confused especially with the medication I’m on to help. Any suggestions experiences would be appreciated x 

  • I used either Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts  , I found both of these really soothing. I can’t comment on sea salt but love a bit of Himalayan salt on my food! I’ve not read of any benefits of bathing in Himalayan salt but it’s reported to have many health benefits when eaten in reasonable quantities including rehydration & improved digestion. 


  • Hi Cazz16, 

    I use Himalayan salts, however I used the Epsom salts  for dry skin, psoriasis and eczema through my treatment as you may have read my message above,I swear by them, this is what definitely stopped me for being sore and weepy I didn’t  have anything, apart from 1 small area I think where the beam went through and I put my stoma powder on to dry it out as it was weepy, sore and itchy and took antihistamines for then itching within a couple of day gone. 

    I can’t understand when they say don’t use Epsom salts it drys it out but that what you want otherwise it’s always wet which you then get sore and weepy!! 


    Laura x