More to think about

On a recent scan to check nodes in my chest they found a5cm myoma which is a tumour in the aorta. A cavity in my heart which would normally need  emergency open heart surgery. Having terminal cancer obviously changes that and I have to wait for the consultant cardiologist at St James hospital Leeds to decide. I have stayed positive until now but this is a total bolt from the blue. I am told it is not related to my cancer whatever. I am not down and do not think I will be in the end as it would be pointless to spend what time I have left feeling sorry for myself. Sure eventually I will be positive but at the moment I feel like I'm on the canvas taking a compulsory 8 count and wondering if I can get up haha. Thanks for listening and indulging me. Makes a difference when writing that you all know what I feel like to greater or lesser extent. Thanks.