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Hi there, I'm just looking for some advice for my 14 yr old daughter, Diag with ALL last October. She is suffering terribly with mouth, throat and jaw pain from having the methotrexate chemo last Monday .  She can't eat anything with the pain so we're really worried. Tried the gelclair and oramorph, nothing really relieves it.  Back in hospital tomorrow so hopefully they can help but any tips would be fantastic!  

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear about your daughter's mouth sores after having methotrexate. I remember when I had methotrexate I was advised to suck ice lollies or ice pops whilst I was having it and that certainly helped prevent some of the soreness.

    When my mouth did get sore the hospital provided different mouthwashes(one came in two sections and you had to mix it just before you used it.. sorry can't remember the name of it now)  and I used difflam as well. 

    Hopefully the hospital have been able to help today.


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  • Hello my son has been given Corsodyl mouth wash and also sodium chloride. I am so worried that he will get ulcers. I hope your daughter gets well soon x

  • Hi Vicky I think once the mouth is kept lubricated as much as possible that can help. My daughter got the ulcers lazered off by the dentist here in the hospital and that really helped .  It didn't hurt at all getting this done