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My daughter was diagnosed with Ph + ALL three months ago. It has been very challenging for me and the whole family as our life changed so rapidly from the second they told us she has Acute leukaemia. She is only 5 and she has been through so much already. Now she is going to hospital for a month for an intensive chemo  called HR1 and I am not sure what to expect. There is so much uncertainty like if she will need the bone marrow transplantation, which could greatly affect her 2 year old brother,  or if she will continue with chemo. 

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    Welcome to the ALL group although sorry that you are hear. It must be so difficult having a child go through this treatment but your support will make all the difference to her.

    I see that Mike the Highlander has already given you a link to the parent's of children with cancer and the stem cell transplant group.

    I was much older at 42 wehn I was diagnosed with ALL and then had a stem cell transplant. That was back in 2012. 

    We do have a couple of parents who post in this group so hopefully they will see your post and reply as well. 


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