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My husband has had a stem cell transplant after acute lymphoblastic,he’s nearly at 100 days and been doing so well,up until today when a call from the hospital has really broke him,they want another blood test done as platelets are low,twice the nurse said the doctor seems to think is a lab error as everything else is ok,but my husband now thinks it has returned or the transplant has failed,he’s really hit a low point even worse than the whole of the last year,anyone had similar or words of advice? 

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    Welcome to the ALL corner of the Macmillan forums. Sorry to hear that your husbands platelet levels may have dropped. I suffered with very low platelet counts but that was before I had my stem cell transplant. During that time I was given platelets tom top them up and gradually they sorted themselves out. 

    It would probably be a good idea to also post this question in the Stem cell transplant forum which you can do by clicking HERE to see if anyone else had low platelets post transplant.

    Hopefully it is a blip in the results and all will be fine.


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