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Hi....My husband, who is in his 50s, was recently diagnosed with B cell ALL (Philadelphia negative) and has been undergoing chemo. He is in remission for now, although he suffered some awful side effects from some of the chemo. He is now pretty weak and frail and I am really struggling to cope emotionally. Does anyone have any positive stories about people in their 50s or 60s managing to get through this? The prognosis for this age group seems to be pretty poor. Also, does anyone have any tips on the best way to build yourself back up physically in between and after chemo sessions?

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    Welcome to the ALL forum although of course sorry you find yourself here due to your husbands diagnosis and treatment. I was a bit younger when I was diagnosed with T Cell ALL (p-ve) at age 43 back in 2012. The treatment is tough and there can be side effects as you well know. They can be different for each person. 

    He is doing well if he is now in remission but I do understand your concerns about how weak and frail he is. I can remember lying on the sofa without the energy to turn my head to watch was was being shown and having to crawl up the stairs.. But given time and rest it is amazing how quickly the body heals and rebounds. 

    Try not to read and use Dr Google for prognosis as all the data you read will be based on information that is probably 10 years out of date and treatments improve all of the time. I used to eat little and often and had a supply of snack in the fridge so i could get something when I fancied it. I also used to drink  Fresubin which are high energy / nutrition drinks that the hospital provided. I had to try a few before I found the flavour that worked for me but they helped.

    Gradually I recovered my strength and slowly managed to walk further each day. Around the garden to begin with, then the end of the road.. Finally I managed to get to the local pub where I needed to rest for an hour with a pint and some chips!

    You can read my story HERE-PAUL1969 

    There is a Carers group which you can join CARERS GROUP

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 


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  • Thanks for the tips Paul, really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best.