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Hi all (that’s ironic ALL),

Day one of Macmillan community.  Feeling my humour is already missed place on my first day at school.

I am looking for someone on UKALL 14 maintenance to tell me mantenanc is the correct word and not a lie like some of those other words the medical profession uses:

You am feel some pressure.......................is actually, it’s going to hurt!

You May feel some discomfort..................it’s going to really hurt!

I love holidays and activities and can’t wait to get back to them.  Does anyone scuba dive and has got back to diving post/during treatment.

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    Welcome to the ALL forum. I was on the UKALL14 trial back in 2012/13 but ended up having a stem cell transplant rather than maintenance chemo. 

    My life is pretty much back to normal.. Took about 2-3 years to get fully there after the transplant. I would imagine that maintenance chemo journey would potentially be easier on the body so don't see any reason why scuba diving etc wont be a possibility. Like all these things just check with your medical team first.


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    Thanks for reply Paul.  I thought the stem cell transplant was a quicker option but obviously not.  Good to hear where you are thanks for doing that trial!

    Maintenance is due to be 2 years but I already have a minimum 2 week delay after just 2 months of treatment.  While I am sure I should be happy to just be alive I am desperate to get back to some fun.  I worry the minute you say cancer to anyone they won’t let you dive.  I’m sure I will find some one who is diving, maybe I just need to cast my net a bit wider.