Relapsed case , what next?

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Hi guys 

My fiancé aged 25 was diagnosed by acute lymphoblastic Leukemia (T cell) in June 2018. He went through the treatment including bone marrow transplantation which was done in December 2018.
He was under remission. Everything was going very smoothly and as we prayed.

Unfortunately he got relapsed exactly after a year I.e on December 2019. The major reason for relapse was severe thrombocytopenia. His platelets count went on decreasing , it came upto 7000. He is under treatment now . Chemotherapy has started again , which is been given twice a week . After the therapy started his platelets count boosted up to 61k . And again it’s been decreased cuz of chemo . Docs suggested for platelets Transfusion . Which he got it done today . Can he again get into remission before or after second bone marrow transplant ?

Anyone who dealt with same case ?

please reply . Looking for a positive ray of hope here. Also please pray for his speediest recovery :) 

Thank you .

  • Hi

    Welcome the ALL forum although sorry to hear about your boyfriend. It is unfortunate that he has relapsed and I have had to do some reading to understand a bit more about thrombocytopenia for patients with ALL. 

    Yes it is possible to get into remission following relapse and then a possible plan would be a stem cell transplant.  The treatment is tough going but it can be done and it can be successful. I am almost 7 years post stem cell transplant for T cell ALL and doing OK.

    You said your boyfriend had a bone marrow transplant previously which is less common than stem cell transplants.. did he have stem cells the first time or bone marrow as you mention stem cells later in your post?

    There are members in the stem cell forum who have had two stem cell transplants for different types of leukaemia so it may be worth joining that group as well and posting there. If you click this link STEM CELL TRANSPLANTS it will take you to that forum.

    Any questions please feel free to ask.


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  • Hi 

    He has got Bone marrow transplantation done .His younger sibling was the donor . Her stem cells were taken from blood.

    Isn’t stem cell transplantation and bone marrow transplantation one and the same ? With two diff names .

    Google says relapsed survival rates are 5% only in adults . I’m scared after reading that .