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A group for people to discuss stem cell transplants for blood cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma. This can include transplants using a person’s own stem cells or stem cells from someone else (a donor).

Failef sct

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Anyone had any success with azcitadine followed by doner lympocyte infusion for AML following failed sct ?

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I’ve waited to see if you get any replies, but suspect this is a highly specialised area with nobody knowing enough to reply.

my suggestion would be to seek second (or third or more) opinions from the best specialists in the UK. Top haematologists I could suggest would be Professor John Radford at Manchester’s Christie Hospital, Professor Linch and Dr Chris Macmamara at UCLH in London, and the haematology team at the Royal Marsden, but don’t know anyone by name there. 

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Mike can you add anything here? Thanks Paul


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Hi again Micg, I can’t give any first hand help with the Azacitidine but if you put Azacitidine into the main site search tool you will get a number of hits. So have a look through the threads.

As moomy has said your team need to put your case out far and wide for experts in the UK and abroad to come back with all available plans and trials....... my first Allo SCT did not work so we went for a second go using a different and much stronger type of conditioning.

I’m am a touch confused as if they say your SCT has failed then why do DLI as this is used to basically kick start the Stem Cell graft.

You could also post a question to Jane, our Nurse who has experience in Stem Cell Transplant and post SCT aftercare - just follow this link.

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The only thing I can suggest is that you might want to look on the Anthony Nolan forum - the last time I was on there about 6-12 months ago, there was a lady who was having Azacitidine after a failed SCT. She had had several rounds of it and it seemed to be working for her. It might be worth a try?

All the best