Throat cancer

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Just finish throat and neck cancer and I've got a superior group in place but I'm still fining it hard to come to terms with it and I feel I'm pushing friend and family away

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    Welcome to our community though sorry to hear about what you have gone through. Many people can get very focused on treatment and when it comes to an end wonder what next. We have a group here Life after cancer forum where there are many people in this situation and lots of advice too in our pages here.

    Of course many people find cancer a taboo subject but when we actually look at the statistics - 1 in 2 in our lifetime then really there are many more people out there that we might like to think. 

    One thing I had noticed in our relationships was that some people who had been through cancer themselves or with their own family had some difficulty dealing with my wife's diagnosis and it seemed they had boxed up their own emotions at locked them away and being reminded of that was just too uncomfortable for them to cope with.



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