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  1. Hello! I have just completed 7 months and 6 chemo sessions of treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Unfortunately my ‘final’ PET scan has revealed that there are still tumours to be eradicated. I have been informed that I am to follow the CAR T-cell therapy route through a leading Birmingham hospital. I’m feeling numb, dazed and confused. Just wondering if anyone could help me with what to expect next - any tips or pointers, please as the journey continues… Many thanks, Flake63
  • Hi again  sorry to hear this but unfortunately this happens….. CAR-T was not around back in late 2023 when things become problematic for me but even then it would not have done the job for my type of NHL so I had to have the more demanding Allo (donor) Stem Cell Transplant….. I actually had 2.

    You may want to copy and paste this into a new post in the Non-Hodgkin lymphoma support group as there have been a few folks pass through the group who have had CAR-T.

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