Breast Cancer Diagnosis, one week on

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Just been diagnosed last week,  it's in breast and lymph nodes. Waiting on CT scan and HER2 result.

I've done the Numb stage, followed by Bravado for sake of my loved ones, The Meltdown, found fight mode but now I think I'm coming to Angry with the world stage.

I've tried contacting GP today as I know at this moment I'm not coping as well as I hoped. Of course got the "only dealing with emergencies today " recorded message but tried 3 times and it just rang out.

Stressing over some stuff that really isn't helping. At diagnosis I was informed I am now considered to be disabled and that I will be applying for PIPs so not to be worrying about finances etc. Told that Macmillan Support handled it all and I wouldn't have to do anything or fill in forms myself. Rang Macmillan last night to he told that No that's not correct but I am protected under equality law but not eligible for PIPs as have to been consistently affected by this for a minimum of 3 months. Fat lot of good that is to me!

Also my employer doesn't allow paid time off for appointments, even with a diagnosis like this. I'm expected to work lunch breaks/use annual leave/lose pay in order to go to these appointments. I need my lunch break more than ever now, not to mention my holidays and I certainly can't afford to lose money! I don't get company sick pay when I'm off ill and I'm already told I need chemo.

It just feels like everyone is "we are here to support you through this" yet when push comes to shove there's really no help at all.

Sorry, just need to get this all off my chest (pardon the pun) and start feeling some control 


  • Hi  

    Welcome to our community though so sorry to hear about what you have been going through.

    The one thing I can see in your e-mail that I recognize is that you have a disability in line with the Equality Act.

    What I might suggest is you ring the helpline and ask to speak to a work support adviser as they may be able to help direct you somewhat more than the person who told you Macmillan did it all for you. I am sorry someone suggested that. 

    You might also like to talk to some of our friends in Breast cancer forum who might help you feel a little bit more in control, knowing the steps that are going to follow in your treatment.

    We have quite a lot of information on benefits and financial support here that may be helpful.

    Hope some of that helps, in this really difficult time.



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    • Thank you Steve, appreciated 
  • Sorry to hear what your going though, it's not  easy at all, I am also struggling with my diagnosis. You can try calling Maggies they are really good and helps with advices on benefits.