Waiting for results for my dad

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I joined as we are waiting for results to give us a treatment plan for my dad. 

I want to find people who I can talk to and relate to. I’m just so worried. 

Thanks for reading. 

  • Good Morning   - A warm welcome to the Macmillan Online Community - although I am so sorry to find you here.

    I have noticed that you are already a member of our Prostate Cancer Community and the best place to post your question would be on that Community. If you click on the Prostate Cancer forum icon on your home page it will take you there.

    Once there if you click on "+create new post" in the top left hand corner you can introduce yourself in the "New Here - Say Hello" section.

    I know you will receive plenty of help and support as I have Prostate Cancer myself and hang around on that forum. I look forward to meeting you there and chatting to you regarding your dad.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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