Breast referral??

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Hey guys, I dont really know where to begin but I'll explain and then hopefully someone who has been in the same position can help me, 

So I found a lump under my left armpit, I went to the doctors 2 doctors ended up checking me over and said that my lymphnodes under my arm are swollen, they were referring me for a urgent referral, they saod they didnt think it was an infection the next day I had lumps in my neck I went back to the doctors they did blood test and put me on antibiotics, anyway the bloods come back clear and the antibiotics haven't worked, I've had a cough for 3 months and chest x Ray that was clear, also my periods for 4 months have been exceptionally heavy with really big blood clots in, I'm unsure if it's related or not, this was all 2 weeks ago, I'm at the breast clinic 2 weeks today, but I've been told by my gp yesterday she is worried about my breast and personally she thinks it could be breast cancer, where as 2 nurses I know have said they think it's lymphoma related and i need haematology, I don't know how to deal with all this information right now or how I should be feeling the not knowing is destroying me, I am really scared, has anyone else been in this position and how did it turn out?? I have 6 lumps in my neck one under my arm and one the other side of my neck, I just don't know how I should be feeling now one minute I'm okay the next I'm not, also for the last few days my lower back is really painful, I feel like I'm falling apart. 

My girlfriend is so supportive but she is also getting upset because I'm upset she is going through a lot right now too with a suspected brain tumour, just don't know what to do or where to turn right now, I just want to know what it is so I can process it whatever it is, any advice is appreciated, thankyou xx

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the Community but sorry to hear about your ongoing concerns. Navigating the diagnosis journey can be such a stressful and challenging time.

    But as you don't know what this is or even if it is cancer it's hard to direct you to people with first hand experience........ although I was diagnosed with a rare incurable Lymphoma over 25 year ago and I am still here living a great life.

    From my 25 years experience, in reality you are a passenger at the moment and all the stress in the world is not going to change outcomes........ so let the NHS do it's thing and let's see what is found.

    You may find it helpful to call the Macmillan Support Line open 8am-8pm (timings may differ across services) 7 days a week on 0808 808 00 00. This service provides cancer information, practical information, emotional support or just a listening ear.

    Talking to people face to face can be very helpful so do check to see if you have any Local Macmillan Support in your area, do also check for a local Maggie's Centre as these folks are amazing.

    The Community is actually divided into dedicated Cancer Support Groups (Discussion Rooms) but as you don't know if this is cancer and if it is, what type?........ but if you are diagnosed have a look through THIS LIST you will find all our dedicated cancer support groups listed.

    These groups are safe places to talk to others who may have a similar diagnosis, treatment experience, to ask questions and get support from members who are navigating the exact same journey.

    Have a look through the LIST above and once you find the support group for your cancer type....... click on the link and when the group page opens you will see a [ Black - Click to Join - Banner ] at the bottom of the page, click in this box and this will then confirm that you have joined the group.

    When you are ready……. you can introduce yourself by putting up your very own post by clicking [ + Create new post] or [ + ] in the top right of the group page.

    Do get back to me if you want to chat more.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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