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I’m just hoping for some advice/reassurance please.

Back in July I visited my GP for a mole on my neck and was advised it was fine. Last week I seen a dermatologist privately and he said it was atypical and would want to remove it. He said he doesn’t think it’s melanoma at this point but wants to do histology to be sure. I was going to do it via health insurance privately. My GP called me and said he’d do an urgent 2 week referral as it’s grown since I last seen him and advised I’d probably have it removed sooner via NHS than private (I have a private date booked in for 13th December). So I’ve agreed and he done the referral yesterday.

So my question really is from that point when do I get contacted? As I don’t want to cancel my private biopsy appointment if that one will be sooner. Also after the biopsy how long roughly until we get the results? Has anyone done private over NHS? 

I’m a complete mess as I’ve convinced myself I now have cancer and I’m going to die. Probably due to my auntie passing from Melanoma 10 years ago so now I have a fear of it. So since the appointment I’ve cried every day Joy constantly checking my neck for lumps and then crying some more. I stare at my 2 year old daughter and cry again because I don’t ever want to leave her. This is such a horrible feeling Broken heart 

  • Hello   Welcome to the online Community. I am so sorry to read of your problem.

    You will find the Community is divided up into various cancer specific chat rooms or forums. I would advise you join one where the members are on a similar journey to you and this would be the Melanoma forum . To join this forum click on the link I have provided and once the page opens up click on "join" on the black banner at the bottom of the page. You can then either copy and paste your original post or repost it. This will connect you with people on the dame type of journey.

    You can also contact our support line for help and advice on 0808 808 00 00 (8am to 8.00pm 7 days a week).

    If I can do anything else for you please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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