How to keep your partner safe (who is having Chemo) when your a school teacher and in the coughs and sneezes?


I never thought I would posting on a forum like this!

My wife starts Chemo next Monday after a speedy journey from healthy to patient.

I am looking for some practical tips to minimise my risk to her as I continue to work in the germ pool that is Year 3.

Already had Co-vid and Flu jabs. Anti-Bac hand gel purchased etc. However looking for advice with regard masks sleeping in the same bed etc.

I am a total novice at this and the tunnel looks long and dark.

Thank you

  • Hi  and welcome to the Online Community but so sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis.

    A cancer diagnosis like this in the family can be such a challenging and stressful time but getting support from others who are dealing with the ‘exact same' cancer type and support challenges can help a lot.

    The Community is actually divided into dedicated Support Groups (Discussion Rooms) but you don’t say what type of cancer you………  has but if you care to have a look through THIS LIST you will find all our many dedicated cancer support groups listed. It’s important to get the right group as not all cancers react the same way.

    These groups are safe places to talk to others who may have a similar diagnosis, treatment experience, to ask questions and get support from family members who are navigating the same journey.

    Have a look through the LIST above and once you find the group for your wife's cancer type you can join the group by selecting “Click to Join” when the black banner appears or “Join” under “Group Tools” (this all depends on the device you are using)

    You can then put up your own post when you’re ready by clicking “+new” or “+” in the top right next to the group title. You can copy and paste the text from this post into your new post. You can also scroll through other members posts and click “Reply” to get involved.

    When it comes to the practical and emotional challenges of  Supporting a family member with cancer you may also benefit from joining our general Carers only support groups where you will connect with others navigating the same support challenges.

    Do get back to me if you need further help navigating the community.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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